Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Bipølar. - Lost but not afraid

In the awe-inspiring scenery of Monopol, Anna Ground (alias Izzi Bizzi), Awenita & Frederick.waw invite you to take time for an encounter with the beauty of your own vulnerability. They combine drone and asymmetric rhythms accompanied by mediation and live vocals to evolve the atmosphere from gloomy to slightly optimistic. Accentuated with a floating mask the spectacle aspires to confront the audience with both - shadow & light - full of hope for reconciliation.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Bipølar. - Beyond the Veil

This project reflects the last 4 years of our internal Bipølar. team-building process turning all that shit & all the beauty into creation. Our mission within this is to dare valuing all of yourself, the innocent and the disgusting - imparting the power which lies within the courage to open up. Let’s take a closer look beyond the veil - even if it’s frightening. You gotta feel it to heal it!

CREDITS Artistic Concept: Bipølar. |
Project Management: Bianca Keller, Isabella Hauck, Sarah Ulrich, Stephanie Kirr
Location: Monopol |
Light Concept: Spacyal Light Design | supported by | Instagram
Technical Team: Eduard Glugovsky, Tobias Hall, William Thederan
Construction Team: Hannes Weigel, Johannes Kraft, Niklas Gerstner, Patrick Loibl
Sound System: Funktion One Rental |
Camera Operator: Frederic Adam | Instagram @halfeyrus, supported by Alex Tusjak
Photo Team: Johanna Sophia | Instagram @jojoso_, Gerhild Vent | Instagram @freya.veris
Post Production: Tobias Hall
Crew Care: Stephanie Kirr

Thursday, September 10, 2019

Be aware of the power!

"I think that the fires of our green lung in the Amazon region reflect an attitude of our society, that we as individuals in our microcosm can very well influence." - Frederick
Mix & Sound Design by Rasval

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