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© Photos by Elisabeth Mochner

Rasval describes himself as young artist, continually eager to inject the new generation’s spirit into subcultural music. While audibly open to new influences, his track selection remains true to his inimitable soundscape. His aspiration is to infuse every single set with the same unifying spirit, he experienced years ago. From cerebral, trippy and deep to powerful and driving Techno, his audiences can expect an expansive spectrum combining new and old tones, constantly making them move.

Shortly after the start of his career he had the opportunity to play in prestigious venues in Germany including Grießmuehle and :// about blank. In 2017 he toured in Mexico and 2019 in Colombia together with the whole Bipølar. roster. His first remix for Izzi Bizzi‘s “STFU” got released in the beginning of 2019 on Bipølar.

© Photos by Elisabeth Mochner





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