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© Photos by Elisabeth Mochner

Ones., born and raised in Berlin, is a DJ and producer whose biggest motivation pulls him into the studio experimenting. What he loves most is the eternal research for fresh sounds. As a DJ his expertise unleashes in surprising the listener by mixing a lot of different genres carried by a technoid fundament. Fully exploring each spectrum of sound while creating a feeling of weightlessness, which is rounded off by harmonic and wide ranged spheres, he reshapes the perspective on techno music.

Ones. takes you on a musical journey: you never know what you get in the end, but it will be a driving and energetic ride for sure. Simultaneously participating as a member of Duatrecords and Bipølar. Ones. takes his musical journey quite serious. In the past time he already released four tracks on Duatrecords and did one remix for Izzi Bizzi’s STFU on Bipølar. records.

© Photos by Elisabeth Mochner





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