For us, international women’s day is a reminder to assume responsibility for ourselves and our behaviour as well as an opportunity to raise consciousness about our opinion on femininity, feminism and gender roles – for real!

    Which feelings occur when you see yourself confronted with these topics?
    AnnaGround alias Izzi Bizzi & vocalist Frederick.waw converted their very own sensations about these issues into a provoking & empowering mixtape. Give it a listen! – “We raise our voices for all women who feel ashamed, guilty and wrong for having had an abortion. Our hearts go out to all the women who were & are disrespected, hated and not even given the human right to choose over their own lifes and bodies. Our hearts go out to everyone – transgender, non-binary, cis, male or female identified – standing with these women today. Be confident: NO BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!”
    📸 Bianca Keller


    “2020 was quite intense. As the pandemic uncovered issues concerning myself as well as my art, I got the chance to mature and connect deeper to what I truly am. I became aware that my musical expression has always just revealed a very small aspect of my personality, realizing that I chased a certain style of mainly techno widely accepted and seen as cool throughout the scene. Now I finally gathered the courage to stand up for my versatile nature, for all the genres which move and quicken me. 2021 will be the year I aim on the integration of all my layers into my music showing the outer world my whole being – no matter if folklore, spacy synths or technoid soundscapes. To initiate this new era, I did a podcast for SønDER with which I can really identify. Embark on an exciting voyage of discovery leading through a wide spectrum from experimental to electro and drum ‘n’ bass!” – GLSKY

  • Bipølar. Series 036 – Strongrain

    Strongrain reveals his smooth side for Bipølar Series 036, though still preserving his fast and energy driven style. Known as the founder of the Monochrom event series at ://about party, he delivers a vinyl mix in slightly different style than the last ones.

    What can you count on in 2021?
    On my friends and my music collection. With both I share a lot of memories and emotions, these two already rescued me during the pandemic in different ways. Also my beloved ://about blank and the family behind it. They will be there and at some point all the wonderful moments will rise again.


    This has been a great year for us to experiment with connecting as a team and our passion through unfamiliar ways. We started to meditate together online on a daily basis for over 7 weeks and kept it as a new routine. Our crew member Steph (systemic life-coach) shared her skills with us during our team building weekend in the countryside of Berlin – away from the hustle & reconnecting to nature! It was focused on increasing open feedback & conflict culture. Furthermore the coaching, according to the motto “Superpower”, helped to map out everyone’s internal motivation regarding personal growth, career paths and artistic self expression. This intimate exchange taught us that every individual’s autonomy and the interdependencies between each other are essential for developing a mutual vision.


    We decided to no longer be afraid of the conflicts that hit us from time to time, but to acknowledge them as an essential element of growth. The secret ingredient in this process is trust. Trust in the person next to you as well as in the course of events and the deep belief that we will have the strength to transform any outcome to a new point of beginning. When confronted with different opinions, this also implements to observe our choices and reactions from an ease of mind and with compassion instead of following the urge to constantly defend our conception of the world.


    Like most of you we were not able to push forward with the concept we’ve built throughout the last years. Any crisis calls us to identify & radically accept the root causes of a conflict – including our own role in it. This slap in the face challenged us to open up a space for change and flexibility instead of clinging on to the past. We tried to take a step back and watch how every incident evolves its full set of effects. Let anything be there and come up that wanted to show up – anything! We focused on small creative sessions, on experimenting with new things without setting goals or expecting a certain outcome – and through that we made the experience of surrendering to the natural flow together. This is our current way to draw the strength we’ll need to find creative ways which lead us into the future! RESPONSE DIFFERENTLY & TURN IT INTO ART

  • Bipølar. Series 035 – Ōcktawian

    Ocktawian has been spinning vinyl for more than 25 years, while pushing the boundaries of Djing and mastering his skills of mixing on up to 4 decks. He is known for dropping serious weapons of Hard-Techno, Techno, Electro and Minimal. Recorded in 2009 at Industrial Copera Club Granada [Spain] he dedicated this 3 decks vinyl only set to Bipølar.


    „Cesar and me met the last time three years ago but we were still able to keep on talking to each other sharing our ideas. That’s how we created this EP.“ – Ones. We proudly announce Cesar Martino [Mexico] and Ones. [Berlin] shared piece of sound: The CORINTO EP – out now on Āsthetics dwelling from this friendship, representing both melancholy of separation and happiness about the continuity of friendship.

  • Bipølar. Series 034 – AT.AVEM

    At.Avem is a steady resident at PAL in Hamburg, where he and Lucinee established the fetish and art series NACCT in 2019. His faible for electronic music evolved when he started as a guitarist and drummer in various dark-wave, deathmetal and hardcore punk bands. The clubbing scene in Berlin and Hamburg as well as by experimental electronic music marked his music taste. Get yourself ready for his mix consisting of powerful, floating techno and hypnotic rhythms underlined by self produced sounds.

  • Bipølar. Series 033 – Lega and CVT

    CVT and Lega who are both part of the Bogota based collective The Hindie Corporation – THC, which support the subcultural scene, teamed up to melt their personal styles into one fast ride. Hypnotic, trippy, uncompromising – better get your ears ready.


    Over 40 Clubs [like Suicide Club Berlin, ://aboutblank, Tresor.Berlin…] and Collectives [like Frauengedeck, Buttons, female:pressure…] of our city stand united at this special day to make a vigorous statement that diversity & togetherness is still impacted by Berlin’s club culture. The “Showcase-Festival” is an Initiative of Klaus Lederer, Senator of Culture – full support!


    Every day we seem to manage our lives around two things: creating our present reality and the transience of everything. At Monopols ‘Site Unseen’ art exhibition Anna Ground (alias Izzi Bizzi), Awenita & Frederick.waw portrayed a cleansing ritual that unifies a moment of letting go and creating something raw from within – the process of release & inner healing.
    Anna Ground ensnared the listener into invasive spheres; layered soundscapes highlighted by the compelling tones of gongs and singing bowls – rising shamanic vibes. By intentionally working with healing frequencies she created a vulnerable intimacy – evolving a bleak atmosphere at first that shifted into an optimistic resolution. Frederick emphasised the auditory through expressing her interpretation of misery and salvation vocally and physically. Corresponding with the mystical halls of Monopols “Bunker” Awenita guided the audience into meditation to endorse their brains oscillating in theta-brainwaves. In meditation your senses are withdrawn from the external world and focus on signals originating from within – the place for accessing source-full information and creative expression. Know when to let that shit go!🔥

    Credits: Sound System: One-Audio :: Funktion One Rental Technical Support: Max Schröder, Eduard Glugovsky Construction: Johannes Kraft Pictures: Bianca Keller Location: Monopol Carpet: Weberei
  • Bipølar. Series 032 – Rasval

    This set is for you if you miss the charming clicks and crackles created by vinyl records. Deep basslines interwoven with stimulating hats are ready to absorb you into a mesmerizing vortex. Let Rasval energize your soul!


    In the number 13th, we welcome Frederick aims to grace music with relevant messages, originating from a deep place within the collective consciousness using abstract sounds, symbolic texts, rapping and spiritual singing. AnnaGround composes the smart tension between drone & asymmetric rhythms while evolving a bleak but lightly optimistic atmo. In her following set she will continue to support the increase of the risen shamanic energies. Enjoy the Inherencia Podcast #13

  • Bipølar. [3520]

    27|08 GLSKY | Suicide Club Berlin 🇩🇪
    27|08 RASVAL | Suicide Club Berlin 🇩🇪
    27|08 TOBIAS HALL | Suicide Club Berlin 🇩🇪

    Art by Henrik Aa. Uldalen.
  • Bipølar. Series 031 – Kontinum

    Initially inspired by the subcultural scene of his hometown Lübeck the young artist Kontinum has been strongly influenced by the predominant sound of the Techno scene in Leipzig. Especially the infamous Institut für Zukunft – well known for hypnotic and dissociative soundscapes as well as location for our intense collaboration with his Nebula Kollektiv – formed his distinctive style and quickly paved his way into the local scene.

  • Bipølar. [3420]

    21|08 ONES. | Aware Festival | Flughafen Werneuchen 🇩🇪

    Art by Lee Oliver.
  • Bipølar. [3220]

    09|08 ANNA GROUND | ://about blank Berlin 🇩🇪
    09|08 FREDERICK | ://about blank Berlin 🇩🇪

    Art by Fvckrender.
  • Bipølar. – LOST BUT NOT AFRAID

    In the awe-inspiring scenery of Monopol, Anna Ground (alias Izzi Bizzi), Awenita & Frederick.waw invite you to take time for an encounter with the beauty of your own vulnerability. They combine drone and asymmetric rhythms accompanied by mediation and live vocals to evolve the atmosphere from gloomy to slightly optimistic. Accentuated with a floating mask the spectacle aspires to confront the audience with both – shadow & light – full of hope for reconciliation.

  • Bipølar. [3020]

    24|07 ANNA GROUND | Transmission Stream | Suicide Circus Berlin 🇩🇪
    24|07 FREDERICK | Transmission Stream | Suicide Circus Berlin 🇩🇪
    24|07 GLSKY | Transmission Stream | Suicide Circus Berlin 🇩🇪
    25|07 KRAFT | United We Stream | Monopol Berlin

    Art by KRAFT
  • New PodcAst by iZZi Bizzi for THE BRVTALiST

    This vinyl only Dub-Techno mix seems to be a rather uncommon sound for Frank Heise – co-founder of Space Trax – who’s most likely associated with Rave- & Trance tunes. His DJ roots, however, lie in dub-techno and he returns to them in this special episode. To get an insight of his current soundimage listen to “Berliner Schnauze” a collaboration with Inhalt der Nacht, released on Frank’s own imprint. Up next you can look forward to his production for Lebendig which will be out later this year.


    This evening we invite you to join the United We Stream – Festival pepped up visually with “Goliath” by Johannes Kraft. The impersonation of a seemingly superior opponent within ourselves symbolizes the constant oscillation between disguise and demasking, fueled by fear and the desire for inclusivity and protection. Initially the installation has emerged from the examination with the various masks everyone of us is constantly wearing, adapting to the social context we linger in. After its genesis KRAFT Design recognized a strong mystic presence originating from his work leading to the name of Goliath, the scriptural giant who seemed to be invincible but was slayed by the faith of his opponent. Throughout the last years Goliath became a symbol of our tribe’s holistic understanding of arts. Goliath continued teaching us a lot about the importance of visual and sculptural artistry as well as about the people who have been contributing to our events, festivals, exhibitions and gatherings with their individual creativity. Especially in the subcultural context in which we operate music and musicians often seem to be in the focus of organizers and audience neglecting to value visual and haptic arts. Through this process, we truly learned to respect the multiple dimensions of art and the huge amount of passionate work that underlies the finished piece.

  • Bipølar. Series 030 – Frank Heise

    This vinyl only Dub-Techno mix seems to be a rather uncommon sound for Frank Heise – co-founder of Space Trax – who’s most likely associated with Rave- & Trance tunes. His DJ roots, however, lie in dub-techno and he returns to them in this special episode. To get an insight of his current soundimage listen to “Berliner Schnauze” a collaboration with Inhalt der Nacht, released on Frank’s own imprint. Up next you can look forward to his production for Lebendig which will be out later this year.

  • Bipølar. Series 029 – Szmer

    Szmer is an alias of the Warsaw based musician Michał Aleksiewicz who has been active in the subcultural music scene since 2011. Over the years he participated in many events in his homeland Poland as well as around the globe. Under three aliases he published a bunch of records. Recently he made it with his five tracker „Essence EP“ on Dynamic Reflection characterized by this initial intelligent and powerful sound image.

  • Bipølar. [2420]

    12|06 GLSKY | 11 Years Suicide Club Stream Berlin 🇩🇪

    Art by Elena Romenkova
  • Bipølar. – Beyond the Veil

    We proudly present our 5 hour online gathering in full HD. This work is dedicated to Colombia and the initiative “Engineers without borders”. For more details please read the Youtube description.

  • Bipølar. – Beyond the Veil

    We are ready to appear in a damn hot location! This project will reflect the last 4 years of our internal Bipølar. team building process turning that shit & all that beauty into creation and is dedicated to Colombia. 💥🌺 Everybody registered pls go ahead CHECK YOUR MAILS for further instructions and deeper insights.


  • Bipølar. Series 028 – Zavolka

    Kateryna Zavoloka aka Zavoloka on the stage is a Berlin-based Ukrainian composer, sound artist, performer and visual artist. Zavoloka’s main focus is to explore the synthesis of digital, analogue and instruments. In collaboration with Kotra she has been invited to support Aphex Twin’s (UK) audiovisual rave shows. Live performances with many sound and visual artists made her a part in many different cross-genre art projects. Dive down deeply into her world of sound!

  • Back to Back – Face to Face

    Izzi Bizzi: “It has been a long time since I stood behind the DJ booth visible to the public. Sharing energies together with @Alva just having fun meant a lot to me. It reconnected me to my passion which let me start with Djing: it’s to spread coherence. Back to back means achieving intimacy and being ready to throw the ego personality overboard, to focus on the present moment working with the mutual flow. This connection is so precious because we go through ups and downs – back to back – face to face. Nevertheless it has been strange to perform without you as an audience. I miss these electrifying club nights together with the crowd, merging into one. Without a crowd celebrating the sound actively something really vital is missing: the direct dialogue. Obviously the situation holds something very special in it and I know that people at home participate actively as well. THANK YOU to all you free spirits out there devoting themselves to the beauty of music. It’s on my heart that we all take care of each other and not forget about the people who may feel lost without clubbing. Within my circle of acquaintances some people killed themselves or overdosed – out of desperation. Addiction overlays the symptoms of an inner unsolved conflict which can eat you up from the inside. Especially in this current situation many people can no longer see a way out. In our scene characterized by consumption as an integral part it is crucial to not look away or play down craving. We should as a scene, in which every single person is a part of, have an eye on our community. If something seems strange, ask! Be sensitive! In these hard times it is so important to support each other. This means not taking full responsibility for a threatened person but taking the essential steps to help. This may be a call at a rehab clinic, a motivational talk or worst case scenario: calling the emergency. As I work as a nurse in a rehab I can assure you that there are solutions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these are always the saving steps for someone… But try to be brave and talk openly in your circle of friends, be honest. Everything else harms the soul. Please do not look the other way, just because it feels easier! Be alert, Bring it up proactively, don’t judge. Our scene has many good points, but consumption can be a very dark side, having the potential to break necks. I don’t want to start an anti-drug campaign here, I just want to call attention to individuals dealing with psychological issues. Leave no one behind! <3 Full video here:

  • Bipølar. [1920]

    08|05 IZZI BIZZI b2b ALVA | Grießmühle Livestream 🇩🇪
    09|05 IZZI BIZZI feat. FREDERICK | Istanbul Livestream 🇹🇷

    DON’T MISS OUT! Let’s stand all together and support our subculture with music, mind, body & spirit ♾ Izzi Bizzi b2b Playtime TODAY 18:00-19:00! Save our space ⚡️

    Art by Lee Oliver
  • Livestream from Istanbul with GLSKY

    Fed up with livestreams? For a more intimate experience join 6t6 from Istanbul tomorrow in their zoom meeting. GLSKY will share his musical input live from his Berlin home – playtime: 11PM. Meeting URL will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned 🤟

  • New Podcast by GLSKY

    Diversity can not only be seen but be heard. Bipølar. is about exploring all spheres of creativity allowing to step into the unknown, alien in phonetic, emotion and mood. Join GLSKY’s caravan to dive into a diverse range of experimental sounds.

  • Bipølar. Series 027 – Discrete Circuit

    Confident consistency thrilled by intuitive drive create the special energetic aura which established Discrete Circuit as an integral part of the electronic music scene. The creative vibrancy of Berlin, the soul of Detroit and UK’s dark aesthetics influence his uncompromising sound showing off our latest podcast.

  • New Podcast by Rasval for THC

    New mental and hypnotic podcast by Rasval for the Colombian based collective The Hindie Corporation – THC

  • New Set by Anna Ground at Grießmühle Berlin

    Anna Ground composes the smart tension between drone & asymmetric rhythms while evolving a bleak but lightly optimistic atmosphere. She creates a powerful intimacy by bringing together an experimental style between compelling and fragile breakbeats, soothing up to edgy vocals. Anna Ground explores the increase of inner healing through the risen shamanic vibes. Her debut set was recorded on Christmas Eve 2019 at Grießmuehle Berlin.

  • Keep | Love

    Between the daily fight for our political opinion and against commercialization of our culture, you sometimes need to feel that there already exists a place of pure love and community. The idea is to share. They are not a closed society, happy in their own little bubble. No! They go further and share their love, knowledge and security with like minded labels, collectives, musicians and people. Let’s do the same for them! Help this beautiful reality to survive. Keep the vibes alive!
    Remember the future, the future is now!

  • Keep | The Sound

    If you want to organize a festival or build a club, there is no way of getting around those guys. Always the first on the dance floor before the party starts and the last after it ended. From day one of Bipølar. we enjoyed their full support in the form of gear, manpower and knowledge. Now it’s time for all of us to give them something back, so we all gonna survive! Never forget who boosts our culture – never forget about Görnerschweizer GmbH! Keep the vibes alive! Remember the future, the future is now!

  • Ian P. Christ – Bipølar. Alien Ritual 02|02|2019

    Ceremonies – Club Night creative head and resident Ian P. Christ boosted the dancefloor of our second “Alien Ritual” with his signature mix of EBM, Synth Wave, New Beat and Industrial Techno. Two hours, transferring dark electronic music from 1979 to 2019 in an exceptionally smooth and groovy way.

  • Keep | Solidarity

    History is calling for the future. As one of the oldest but still existing clubs in Berlin, the Suicide Club Berlin designed Berlin’s urban landscape for more than 25 years. They always supported young, talented and different minded artists and as we experienced it, they always shared their knowledge about the club scene rid of competitive thinking. Like it or not / you got it, right? – this club wants our culture to live. So, let’s fight for them! Keep the vibes alive! Don’t forget the future, the future is now!

  • blank-startnext

    Keep | Give

    Finding the balance between taking time for ourselves and giving our best will “KEEP THE VIBES ALIVE”! Let’s fill our local, empty clubs with some hope and show love by supporting them financially. Some clubs have already launched fundraisers on “startnext”, including ://about blank that it’s transporting a defying message for a better future which is our heartfelt desire to save. Remember, the future is now.

  • podcast-026

    Bipølar. Series 026 | Sabine Hoffmann and Hornberg

    Drift away into the cosmic landscape of experimental sounds created by Sabine Hoffmann & Hórnberg through mixing vinyl only. This may be the perfect musical backdrop for this time of solitude whirling you away into another strange world of sound.

  • ignorant-business

    Don’t be ignorant, it’s our business!

    There are moments in life that are about coming together to set things in motion and those that are about taking a united stand to contain or stop a movement. The extent of how much we can count on ourselves and our environment shapes the well-being of our earth, our society and the cultural areas we want to live in. The crises on our planet scream at us to slow down, take self-responsibility and refocus on our community spirit. Our chosen community, the club culture of Berlin, relies on our support, too. Every club that closes its doors assumes the necessary responsibility that can only be carried on many shoulders. We can help by signing the petition of Clubcommission Berlin and donate the money we would have spent for partying to upcoming crowdfunds. Please show respect by not going to any club. (The last one is a bitter pill for us all to swallow.) Our heart goes out especially to all owners of endangered clubs, all artists, employees, collectives, bookers, promoters, event managers and everybody that depends on their income.
    “Club culture has always had a mantra of ‘Do whatever you want, as long as it’s not hurting others.’ Now is a really good time to wrestle with that a little.” – Kyle Geiger

    Art by Elena Romenkova
  • Bipølar. Showcase in Istanbul 🇹🇷

    Istanbul we’re coming! Excitement is stirred up in our hearts ‘cause next weekend we’ll meet the admirable Build Your Tribe crew – combining art, live visuals, drag, bondage & live performances to the sound of deliberated self-expression! 🤘🏳️‍🌈👄

  • International Womens Day

    “I got under my skin. This is my moment catched identity. Blood is thicker than rhythm, drums are my ecstasy. You are my skin, my biggest organ keeping me breathing. I catch my breath, hold it in for a second. My ending, I take it in to begin to be taken in. I am my skin, the pores to my inner sin. Sin made me a pure creature and rhythm freed me by it’s very nature. So, overflow me beauty and find my child. I am ready to play in the light. I don’t hide my skin. The covers gone to reveal what’s within. Without shame I grow old, within I’m pure gold.”

    Poetry: Frederick
    Photography: Elisabeth Mochner
  • Bipølar. Series 025 – Dragovic

    Dragovic, originally from Bucharest and relocated to Malmö a few years back, is the founder of the Technoasis collective and organisation based in Lund, Sweden, which is actively supporting the underground scene in southern Sweden with their series of events.

  • Duatrecords x Bipølar. &#8211; Thank you

    Last Sunday at ://about party was huge! T H X to every raver for coming over and sharing your energy. 💥✊ We also want to thank all artists, DUATRECORDS for inviting us and the lovely about blank crew for their hospitality & excellent technical support.

  • Bipølar. [0820]

    21|02 IZZI BIZZI | Rostock JAZ.e.V
    23|02 GLSKY | About Blank Berlin
    23|02 RASVAL | About Blank Berlin
    23|02 ONES. | About Blank Berlin
    23|02 IZZI BIZZI | About Blank Berlin
    23|02 FREDERICK | About Blank Berlin

    Art by Cedric Faullummel
  • New recording by Rasval from Institut für Zukunft Leipzig

    We indulge in memories, the family outing was great! Enjoy your Wednesday with Rasval‘s recording from Nebula x Bipølar. | Institut für Zukunft.

  • Delicate | Power

    This snippet displays a strong intimacy between the smart tension of experimental drone sounds & edgy vocals from Anna Ground’s [alias IZZI BIZZI] and vocalist FREDERICK’s last opening performance at Transit club in Chemnitz. What’s intimacy? We asked them about what intimacy meant to them during their last performance. Here is what they’ve answered:
    Izzi Bizzi & Frederick: “Our intention was to create intimacy between two artists, the present moment and the audience what means a challenge to create intimacy within ourselves. It’s nothing that falls down from heaven but it’s a heavenly moment if it happens. That instant when you dare to trust. We have been close friends for over 10 years and the process is ongoing to trust each other, the diverse artistic expression and the present moment. Chemnitz was a learning experience, for sure, that no two days are the same. This can get you really confused or discouraged when something slams your moment, you lose connection and you feel scared. But we found that the beauty of this experience is to get to know what is important to you, who you are, what you want to do and who you want to be with. We are so grateful to know that there is somebody next to us who will confront us with our shit. So, we can just encourage you: fear is your stepping stone! Be scared, be brave, stay Bipølar.”

  • Duatrecords x Bipølar.

    We are ://about to live through a very desirable Sunday together – getting absorbed by Alex.Do from Dystopian, a live set, a live vocal performance and obviously the well proved madness. 🤘 A special thanks to Ruede Hagelstein & Amin Fallaha for the invite!

  • Bipølar. [0720]

    15|02 IZZI BIZZI | Conne Island Leipzig 🇩🇪

    Art by Samuel Farrand
  • Bipølar. [0620]

    08|02 IZZI BIZZI | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
    08|02 RASVAL | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
    08|02 ONES. | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
    08|02 GLSKY | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
    08|02 FREDERICK | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
    09|02 IZZI BIZZI | Pal Hamburg 🇩🇪

    Art by Nick Giasullo
  • Transit x Bipølar.

    Transit welcomes back Bipølar. a Berlin based art & music collective for the second time in the year of twos. Four artists and a live vocalist collect you for a holistic trip through the versatility of techno, shaping a well-rounded impression – whether technoid, trippy, tough, rapid or entirely unexpected. In addition the faces behind the well known event series Elements from ://about blank Berlin – THNTS and Reka Zalan incorporate their unique characteristics perfectly as just as one fine selection of Chemnitz artists to ultimately generate a strong tractive power all 2gether! KRAFT Design contributes with his huge art installation “Goliath” which will come to life with a new concept of visuals. Come early, stay long: A ceremonial opening performance at 11:00 pm by Anna Ground (alias Izzi Bizzi) and vocalist Frederick.waw will create a powerful intimacy bringing together an experimental style between powerful breakbeats, compelling, auditory realms and soothing up to edgy vocals. Doors open at 22:30 pm.

  • Thank you IFZ x Nebula

    Thank you to all the wacky ravers, Institut für Zukunft & the top-notch Nebula Collective gang. Fckn great to have shared these explosive energies together on a high level! 💥🥊 Remember the future – The future is now 🌊

  • Bipølar. [0520]

    01|02 IZZI BIZZI | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪
    01|02 RASVAL | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪
    01|02 GLSKY | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪
    01|02 ONES. | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪
    01|02 FREDERICK | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪

    Art by Dimitry Krotevich
  • New Podcast by GLSKY for Nebula

    Get livened up for the weekend with GLSKY’s Podcast for Nebula Kollektiv. You’ll gain an impression of his mindset and what pres:zure could feel like. This Saturday – Nebula presents: Pre:szure × Bipølar.- get ya asses on the dance floor!

    Artwork by Alinea-Techno
  • Nebula presents: Pre:szure × Bipølar.

    A dignified invitation received by the Nebula Kollektiv will bring us back to Leipzig to infuse their pre:szure event series.

    Artwork by fragmentiert
  • Remember, the future is now!

    About five months ago we all have sent out a strong signal against gentrification and displacement of cultural freedom at the dance demo: “Wem gehört die Stadt?”. Let us stand by our words – help to save Grießmuehle.

  • Bipølar. Series 024 – Alva

    Alva established herself as rising talent in the Berlin underground techno community. As a part of the Ismus collective her musical style is uncompromising, defined by hard hitting, energetic techno ranging upwards 140 bpm. By including both new and old gems her sets guide you through years of electronic music history. Already having hit many of Berlin’s top venues including Tresor, ://about blank and Grießmuehle a milestone in her career manifested in an opening set at the Säule floor at Berghain/Panorama Bar last month. Check out what she prepared for Bipølar.

  • Ruins | Rise

    2019 manifested itself as a mirror of duality. We did our first Columbia tour, encouraging every single one of us to grow individually simultaneously evolving together as a group. After the second Alien Ritual in February that filled us with a lot of gratitude we had to cancel the third edition due to unpredictable circumstances. At the same time we lost our headquarter to the unstoppable force of gentrification. Appreciate your family, be aware of your environment, trust your intuition. Recognize times when stability is needed but benefit from the flow when it comes to growth. Knowing when borders shall be opened equally when it is necessary to shelter your innermost. What ever 2020 may bring – the surrounding may only be the picture we aim to create, building new dreams on top of the ruins of the old. Let’s jump in it, heads held high without giving a single fuck about yesterday. Remember the future – the future is now.

  • Bipølar. [051]

    21|12 IZZI BIZZI | Melancholie Berlin 🇩🇪
    21|12 RASVAL | Melancholie Berlin 🇩🇪
    23|12 GLSKY | Grießmühle Berlin 🇩🇪
    23|12 IZZI BIZZI | Grießmühle Berlin 🇩🇪
    23|12 ONES. | Grießmühle Berlin 🇩🇪
    25|12 IZZI BIZZI | Kantine 30 Schwerin 🇩🇪

    Art by bonetics art
  • Decay | Rebirth

    Pre-christmas period is the time for reflection and contemplation expressed by genuine emotions. Related to the loss of our homebase we’re facing changes in and around our inner circle, which frightened us in advance. By watching ourselves carefully followed by deep conversations within our team we meanwhile realized the chance to restructure and focus on the things that really matter. The tribe is your home, your family – and this is where your home base shall be, because home is not tied to a place, it is an intense feeling.
    So, let’s embrace this ongoing process of finding motivation to follow our passion even in times of hardship, gaining trust in the unknown whilst not losing the magic unleashed by the natural flow of life. More than ever it’s essential to stand together in times like these, always mindfully remembering to care for each other – even more when you may not always feel like it. Time is the crucial factor when it comes to this indescribable aura emanated by certain places. What makes them unique is their transitory – being at the right place surrounded by the right people at the right time – these factors are the stuff of legends and anecdotes.
    We are incredibly grateful that we had the chance to participate and grow with and within the KEMP. But now it’s time to move on kicking fear’s ass – stay badass, stay bipølar.! 🧨

  • Warehouse Rave NYE

    4 crews combine their forces to blow your mind – musically as visually – in an never-seen off-location between Ostkreuz and Modersohnbrücke. To get more information about this gathering and upcoming events become part of our tribe. Are you ready for this 2019 closing ritual? 🔮

  • Bipølar. Series 023 | Matuss

    US-based, Ukranian artist Matuss depicts herself as having an obsession with music. Back in 2015, she started her own imprint with the well-established producer Abe Duque: Absence Seizure, through which she has been releasing tracks relentlessly. In 5 years, she has released no less than 12 EPs via her imprint and ‘Seizure No. 12’, released in September 2019, received support from Abstract Division, Antonio de Angelis or Joris Voorn among others, and was reviewed by Mixmag who described it as “very minimal, very repetitive, and very effective”. This podcast, featuring only her own tracks, shows the harder side of her production and mixing skills.

  • New Podcast by Ones.

    Let your weekend be as trippy as what we prepared for you right on time for Friday night! For the first time Bipølar. member Ones. teamed up with ZPKF to thrill the audience with a live set played at last month’s ARTE Concert. Prepare yourself getting absorbed by this vibrant masterpiece of electronic music published by Duatrecords. 🌪

  • Goodbye | Welcome

    Like many other artists and collectives, we were recently confronted with the ugly face of gentrification itself. The compound which sheltered us throughout the last years providing the free space for our personal and collective growth will be shut down soon – demolished to clear the area quite in step for structural development.
    We’re leaving this place with a lot of gratitude, knowing that the surrounding might only be the frame for the picture we aim to create. Well aware that the frame is not the most important, despite it gave a sense of security we’ve lost for now. This insecurity feels really uncomfortable and has the effect that it appears easier to disconnect not involving too much with the process. Our current journey costs energy, time and willpower to keep on the goals we have as a group. The situation carved space for doubt, questioning if our dreams still should be. At the moment apparently easier to follow temporary goals as an individual than investing energy into the seemingly bigger group effort to discuss about possibilities, changes or visiting new spots. These circumstances brought us as Bipølar. into an extremely hurtful situation where everything seemed to fall apart. For real, only few inches separated us from the abyss. Change reveals how fragile and temporary everything in life is, challenging every single one of us to keep the balance between creative and organizational tasks. We’re still looking for possibilities, adapting to new circumstances and ways to cope with the situation. Where will our journey take us now?

  • Bipølar. [049]

    06|12 IZZI BIZZI | PANTA RHEI Off-Location Berlin 🇩🇪

    Full support to all the secret places, this is where Berlin club culture has its roots. It means a lot to me to be allowed to bring my energy to this magical venue – precisely because we don’t know how long this place will exist anymore. Always stay real and be aware of your bullshit ☯ For more information about the venue – mail us!

    Art by xcbast
  • Eli invites Bipølar.

    19|11 Bipølar. Showcase | Elipamanoke Leipzig 🇩🇪

    Thank you Leipzig, yet again this gathering was a particularly special one! We’re still overwhelmed by the intimate colloquially shared warm vibe ruling the dance floor until the very end. Moreover we want to thank Elipamanoke e.V. and the whole crew for treating us so good conveying a sense of home. See you soon 🌷

    Mask installation by KRAFT
    Poetry by FREDERICK
  • Bipølar. [046]

    18|11 ONES. | Bipølar. Showcase Elipamanoke Leipzig 🇩🇪
    18|11 IZZI BIZZI | Bipølar. Showcase Elipamanoke Leipzig 🇩🇪
    18|11 RASVAL | Bipølar. Showcase Elipamanoke Leipzig 🇩🇪
    18|11 GLSKY | Bipølar. Showcase Elipamanoke Leipzig 🇩🇪
    18|11 FREDERICK | Bipølar. Showcase Elipamanoke Leipzig 🇩🇪

    Art by Natalie Stevens
  • Bipølar. [045]

    08|11 ONES. | Live at 10 Years Arte Music 🇩🇪

  • Paris x Berlin | 10 Jahre ARTE Concert

    When countries unite through electronic dance music, contemporary magic unleashes. Arte mirrors the friendship between Germany and France, celebrating its 10th birthday with concerts simultaneously taking place in Berlin and Paris. Bipølar. member ONES. is honored to play his first modular live set on Friday together with ZPKF during the ARTE Concert, catch him there and be part of this wonderful combination.

  • New Podcast by Izzi Bizzi for Deestricted

    Blew your mind with IZZI BIZZI‘s podcast outta hell for the series of Deestricted! 🧠💥

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