Izzi Bizzi

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© Photos by Elisabeth Mochner

Izzi Bizzi is the co-founder of the Berlin art collective and label Bipølar. After finishing her audio production studies at SAE institute Berlin, Izzi Bizzi started producing her own tracks, which are characterized by rough vocals, heavy metal and industrial sounds. Her first EP “STFU” was released in February 2019 on Bipølar. Besides gigs all over Germany, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Paris, Vienna and Zagreb, she got the opportunity to play her first central America tour in 2017 followed by a south America tour in 2019 together with the whole Bipølar. roster.

As a passionate DJane and activist of the Berlin techno scene, Izzi Bizzi made her commitment to keeping intrinsic vibes alive. Her DJ sets oscillate between deep melancholic keys, experimental distortion sounds, hypnotic Acid lines and elements of trancy old school 90’s techno. Merging these diversified musical patterns into a holistic sound journey mirrors her personality, characterized by an integrated approach. Always staying true to her authentic self, her music reflects the connection between the polarities – the feminine and the masculine – the brutal and the soft. In live performances she collaborates with diverse artists, for instance Frederick, combining all kinds of fine arts.

© Photos by Elisabeth Mochner





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