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© Photos by Elisabeth Mochner

Dynamic and driven: GLSKY’s energetic personality permeates through all frequencies of his music. An ever perceived calling to express his feelings through his music paved a life path, guided by all kinds of sound. Years of experience, an ever evolving taste and a mind open to all genres allowed him to develop his skills, senses, and intuition for what he loves most and does best. Heavy bass and raw emotion build a powerful foundation; accompanied by melodic whirlwinds, the spark ignites.

Well-known for years in the Vienna techno scene GLSKY felt the urge to move to Berlin to bring his thinking-outside the box approach into experience. In this respect he joined the BIPØLAR roster, to which he’s already been connected for a long time, deepening this bonding over the course of the BIPØLAR south america tour in 2019.

© Photos by Elisabeth Mochner




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